We offer two types of field shelter, The Badminton (Feather Edge Cladding) and The Windsor (Shiplap cladding).

 Mobile Shelters are versatile

Our mobile buildings have great flexibility and can be used all year long, they offer temporary stabling and shelter from the weather and flies. A field shelter can be used to restrict grazing for laminitic horses/ponies and are great for confinement following injury or illness. They make very useful storage for feed/hay/bedding and keeping horses/ponies ‘in’ without separating them from their herd.

Planning Permission Considerations

Our mobile field shelters are:-

  • not physically attached to the ground
  • not connected to services i.e. water/electricity
  • not permanently sited
  • easily towed around using our simple FREE tow-kit

There a wide range of additional extras available for our Mobile Field Shelters, including roof lights, lining, gatesstable mats, and water troughs. For full details and prices visit our optional extras page.

Badminton Field Shelter

Our Badminton range is built with feather- edge cladding for a rustic appearance. 

Available on Timber or Galvanised Steel Skids 

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Windsor Field Shelter

Our Windsor range is built with shiplap premium cladding for a smooth appearance. 

Available on Timber or Galvanised Steel Skids

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Our mobile field shelters are so easy to move and all our field shelters come with a FREE tow kit!

Why pay livery costs if you have space for a mobile field shelter?

✔ REQUIRING NO PLANNING PERMISSION* These high-quality mobile field shelters give instant stabling at a low cost compared with permanent stables. As horse owners ourselves, we appreciate the importance of having a well-built shelter to protect our animals from the elements. Contact us or visit our premises in East Sussex.

 FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION within 40-mile radius of our offices near Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 9HJ

*Mobile Field Shelter Space Allowance Mobile Field Shelter Space Allowance To accommodate 1 horse minimum 3.0m – 3.6m (approx. 10′-12′) wide 1.5m (5′) extra for each additional horse Covered shelter a minimum of 2.8m (approx. 9′) high

*We recommend you check with your local Council before purchasing a mobile field shelter. We do not accept any responsibility with regard to disputes over planning issues with local Councils relating to our mobile field shelters.*

 Guidelines field shelter sizes (British Horse Society recommendations)

  •   Small pony field shelter – 3.0m x 3.0m (approx. 10’ x 10’)
  •   Larger pony field shelter – 3.0m x 3.6m (approx. 10’ x 12′)
  •    Medium horse field shelter – 3.6m x 3.6m (approx. 12’ x 12’)
  •   Larger horse field shelter – 3.6m x 4.3m (approx. 12’ x 14’)